MEMBERS Coaching, Cliff Notes version


In our fast-paced, hectic, modernized world with all of its time-saving gadgetry, sometimes we need just the Cliff Notes or the Reader’s Digest version.  Get the quick version by contacting me now or read on.
At MEMBERS Coaching you get:

  • The benefit of my 20+ years of helping others attain their vision
  • One-on-one customized coaching for your particular pursuits
  • Verifiable success with high achievers (see a few of the testimonials that appear on LinkedIn)
  • Proven value with our one-time flat fee for all services
  • No risk by taking advantage of the FREE 3 weeks of coaching to see if this is for you
  • Proprietary coaching methodology only found here
  • Tools steeped in evidence-based, peer-reviewed achievement science
  • The value of having a coach who used this method to get himself from where he was to where he is
  • More for your money by getting a time range that belongs to you, not just a half-hour or hour appointment
  • Convenience of in-person, via the phone or on-line appointments
  • Quick response to your questions between our scheduled appointments
  • The benefit of having a certified coach who receives on-going coach training
  • A coach who has studied, been educated in and/or trained in: the eleven core competencies outlined by the International Coach Federation (the largest coach certifying body in the world); Applied Behavior AnalysisPositive and Human Potential Psychology, the applied psychology of interpreting micro-expressions through the Facial Action Coding System and body language, and neuro-semantics just to name a handful.
  • Availability of having your partner with you during some appointments when applicable
  • Free assistance in finding a coach in another specialized niche if you are looking for something different
  • A coach who believes in giving nothing less than 110% to his clients, going the extra mile and always giving more and better service than is expected
  • Here are some Frequently asked questions

This is just part of MEMBERS Coaching’s story and just the beginning of my story.  My story continues, that in coaching high achievers I have to go the extra mile no matter what; my story is that I have to leave a large return on investment on the table for you because part of my payment is adding your success story to mine; my story reads,
I never stop training and doing!


Did you know statistics point out less than 10% of people aiming for a specific outcome reach that goal? The study goes on further to read, those who have a coach increase that statistic to over 90%! Contact me today and let’s reach that peak faster overcoming every obstacle in our path.




“What’s in a name?” 

The name “MEMBERS” is really an acronym.  MEMBERS stands for helping my clients gain resiliency, confidence and leverage on their:

Mental and intellectual capabilities;
     EMotional Intelligence;
              Relationships; and their
                 Self, their truest self!




My vision is to work alongside all high achievers seeing them achieve all their highest goals, having facilitated the process which allowed them to gain all their victories faster and with less resistance. 


By Shane M.D. Scott, Peak Performance Coach at Inquire about Shane’s FREE 3 week peak performance coaching offer.

Shane spent over 20 years working in the Criminal Justice field while concurrently working as a Peak Performance Coach.


MEMBERS Coaching, Cliff Notes version

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