Quick and simple Meditation Space

The Hectic Professional’s Guide to Forming a Meditation Practice

Meditation at work desk-meditation1

You most likely know that meditation is beneficial to your mind and body. But it can be a task for a hectic professional to carve out a time and space to sit quietly and think.

Learn how to create a meditation space in your home or office or even find a refuge nearby. We know your environment plays a vital role in aiding you to quiet your thoughts and to be more mindful.

What you reap from forming a consistent Meditation practice

  1.  Increased concentration. A specifically chosen space for contemplation makes it easier to change gears. Put aside thoughts of bills and your work demands. Pay closer attention to your breath, and connect with your truest self, your calm and relaxed self.
  2. More calm. Screen out disturbances. Silence your phone and turn off your laptop screen. Let others know that you’ll be unavailable for a short period.
  3. Greater equanimity. Practice more regularly. Your centering space is a potent reminder if you’re trying to establish a regular habit. You can anticipate your next session each time you see your meditation reminders.

Creating a Meditation Space of your own 

  1. Clean up. Taming the disorder allows you to keep your meditation place comforting. 
  1. Decrease the volume. Shoot for a quiet atmosphere so you can enjoy the quietness or listen to a guided meditation. A white noise generator or fan will dampen out background noise.
  2. Add physical reminders. What do you like to have around while meditating? Something that gets you into the proper states is helpful.
  3. For your reading pleasure. Maybe you like to refer a meditation book or other inspirational material. Have it close at hand to speed your ability to quiet yourself. 
  1. Make it inviting. A comfortable place to sit is key. Any seating that assures proper posture yet is comfortable is needed. Falling asleep isn’t the goal; you are looking for a relaxed alertness that is aided by the proper seating.

Create your own calming mini-sanctuary in your office, home or even in the outdoors. A carved-out meditation place aids you to draw your attention inward and feel a greater level of equanimity.

By Shane M.D. Scott, Peak Performance Coach at www.MEMBERSCoaching.com Inquire about Shane’s FREE 3 week peak performance coaching offer.

Shane spent over 20 years working in the Criminal Justice field while concurrently working as a Peak Performance Coach.

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Quick and simple Meditation Space

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