Numbers you need to know…


  • If you are contemplating getting a Coach, you are already ahead of 84% of the population in terms of having a plan to reach your goals
  • A Harvard study reports 83% of the U.S. population don’t set goals
  • If you have goals in mind you are in a small minority of 14% of the population
  • 92% of goals made at New Years are given up on by February 1st
  • People with written goals are 50% more likely to attain them than those who don’t write them down
  • But only 3% actually write down their goals
  • Some studies state we have 1,500 thoughts per minute on some level or another, so only having your goals in your thoughts makes them compete with 10’s of thousands of other thoughts every day
  • Study after study shows sharing your goals and updates to hold you accountable increases your chances greatly of achieving your desired outcome
  • Studies by Gail Matthews at Dominican University has proved that strategies for effective goal achievement include: writing goals downsharing goals and providing those people with one’s progress updates

And the best for last…

Having a (credible) coach increases your chances of achieving your goal by a factor of nine times!


See what coaching can do for you and your goal achievement by taking advantage of the
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(P.S. If someone quotes you the  Harvard ‘Written Goal Study and the Yale ‘Class of 1953’ goal study, they were complete fallacies. Novel ideas but untrue.)


By Shane M.D. Scott, Peak Performance Coach at Inquire about Shane’s FREE 3 week peak performance coaching offer.

Shane spent over 20 years working in the Criminal Justice field while concurrently working as a Peak Performance Coach.


Numbers you need to know…

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