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With Shane, What You See Is What You Get

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We have all heard, “What you see is what you get.”  Is that helpful since that means you are getting the whole ball of wax?  You’re only seeing the exterior of that ball of wax, so to speak.

Even more specifically about that whole ball of wax is you are seeing the exterior they arechoosing to show.  The next logical question should be, “Okay, so what is it that I am getting that I don’t see?”

My story is, as a certified coach and having worked one-on-one with people since 1995, I work with ‘high-potentials‘ who are moving up, high achievers who want to achieve even higher goals,serial entrepreneurs who are taking their business/start-up to the next level and C- level executives who want to bring all their expertise to bear.

When I coach you, what you see is what you get. More importantly, you are getting what you can’t see. You are getting the part you don’t know unless I am willing to share it.

Well first I’ll tell you why I am willing to share.  I firmly believe we all have a purpose, it is nature’s law.  More importantly I firmly believe it’s our internal story that determines how successful we are in that purpose or anything else we attempt.

Here is my back-story.  I started out life with less than an auspicious start. There’s a lot of that going around. There is a lot of bad, and good, family history; there seems to be a lot more of that going around. The highs and low could all be spelled out here, but the specifics are not particularly important, but the message is.

When we work together, you will here the details as they become pertinent, but the message is, it doesn’t matter what your back-story is.  It doesn’t matter who did what to whom.  What matters today is your frame of reference.  What matters is what you do with the resources that history gives you. Wins and learns, feedback not failures.
This is where stories come into play.  You frame your story early in life.  Unless you takeconscious effort to reframe that story, it stays at the emotional level of that young child even if you look at it now with an older mindset.

How does my story help you?  Just choosing three of my favorite high points, I believe I can show you a little of my internal story.  I have used my education, training and my internal fortitude to be the best coach I can in helping others, human to human (H2H), to get the most from their internal grit.

I had the fortune of saving a woman who was over the railing of a bridge high over Lake Erie.  The hundreds of feet over the water and the shallowness in that spot made it an impossible jump even if you were Johnny WEISSMULLER .  How did I do it?  I coached her off the ledge.

Later I was asked by those on the bridge and then on the news, “How did you know what to say?”  I’ll tell you what, I’m not sure how But the what was pure, straight, unadulterated coaching.  I had a story deep down inside me I could pull more than I needed to coach from.

Here’s another of my cherished moments that I was also fortunate enough to be a part of.  A family near me made front-page news because of the lawsuit they were in with their child’s school district.  Their son has autism.  This is about the middle of the last decade and Autism was just getting nationwide attention.  They were interviewed about their trials and tribulations and how little help and support they were getting.

Another part of my back-story is my son has severe autism.  Tracking them down, I helped where, when and how I could, I am a coach, so I coach.  At the end of the day their case went to the Supreme Court of the United States.  I was asked to go with them and they won, no we all won.  Did I have a law degree? No.  But what I did have is an internal story of the coach I am, the story of what I can help accomplish for those I work with.

Shortly thereafter I went to work for the largest county in my state’s Prosecutor’s Office. I ended up working 20 year old sex crime cases that had been shelved. The State’s Attorney General had decreed the cases would be opened back up all over the state.  Who was handed the very first case in my state?  Me.  Why?  Who will ever know for sure, but how I do things is based on my internal story, how I coach things, and coach others.  Every survivor I worked with, through coaching and its tools, prevailed in their case and beyond.

At this point I went on to be the first in my state to indict a criminal on their DNA alone and one of a handful in the United States at the time.  See I believe yours and my internal story has an effect in how we interact with the world.  Our external stories correlate highly with our internal stories.  What brings the two successfully together, how I coach those I work with, and how they are able to then draw even more from themselves then they did before.

Does my internal story correlate 100% to my daily life?  No.  What my internal story does do is help me to interpret those events as I coach myself.  How does all this impact you?  When I coach you, not only do I bring all my education, training and experience, but I leverage my story, a story I’ve coached myself to gain every strength I need through.

Finding and ‘remarketing’ all your strength and leveraging your story to achieve your vision is just a small part of how we will work together.  Taking the same level of passion, determination and drive I had when the stakes were the highest is the same level I bring to the table with you.  To me, the stakes are always high.  This is your life, your story and when we work together it will be my privilege to coach and to see your hard work pay off.

My story continues to be that in my coaching ‘high-potentials’ I have to go the extra mile no matter what, my story is that I have to leave a large return on investment on the table for you because part of my payment is adding your success story to mine, my story reads I never stop training and doing.

You are going to be the “goal digger” that reaps all the benefit of what I have learned over the last couple decades about confidence, resiliency and focus as well as the continuing coaching education I bring to the table.

Do I know I can coach you to the story you chose to create, coaching that potential that has catapulted you to where you are now?  It’s just intuitive.  If the past is the best predictor of the future, I know and have continuously proved I can.

Helping high-potentials, high performers, entrepreneurs top executives and their ilk, is my story.  You being a part of that story are the next good chapter in both of our stories.

Let’s talk and see where the story leads.  If it’s a good fit, if I can help you with an immediate goal, we’ll just tackle that pro-bono. If it’s longer term, we’ll talk about an agreement that is right for both of us.  I look forward to working together soon. Contact me today and inquire about the  FREE 3 weeks of Peak Performance Coaching offer!*

The O.W.N.E.R. (Outside Witness Nurturing Exceptional Results!),

By Shane M.D. Scott, Peak Performance Coach at Inquire about Shane’s FREE 3 week peak performance coaching offer.

Shane spent over 20 years working in the Criminal Justice field while concurrently working as a Peak Performance Coach.



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